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Your Dream Event in Mallorca

Create Your Ultimate Event at Almond Valley

Make your dreams come to life

Planning your perfect event at Almond Valley is an experience like no other. Whether you dream of a romantic wedding, a corporate retreat, or a memorable family celebration, we can make it happen! 

Almond Valley Mallorca
Almond Valley Mallorca Weddings
Almond Valley Mallorca
Almond Valley Mallorca Weddings

With the backdrop of the stunning Serra de Tramuntana mountains and the sprawling beauty of our 100-hectare estate, your event at Almond Valley will be a masterpiece of natural elegance.


Our experienced team will be able to work with you or your event planner to tailor every detail to your desires, from selecting the ideal event space to crafting a personalized menu with a selection of private chefs.


We offer a range of options to ensure your celebration is uniquely yours, whether it's an intimate gathering by the lake, a grand affair in our exquisite gardens, or a cosy indoor event by the fireplace. Trust in our expertise, and let Almond Valley be the canvas for the event of your dreams.

Your Perfect Event

Almond Valley: The stage for your dream event 

Almond Valley can be used as a gorgeous blank canvas for you to create your special event. From weddings to three day retreats, we can accomdate what you want. 

Check out about the Almond Valley Estate here. 


At Almond Valley, we try to be as flexible as possible with your special day - as long as it is legal and does not cause harm, we will say yes!


We also try to be as flexible as possible with time frames and budget, so we allow Almond Valley to be reserved for the day for your wedding or the full week.


Many opt for the ideal three-night wedding, hosting pre and post-parties for their friends and family with their close ones staying at the property.

Weddings at Almond Valley

Almond Valley Mallorca Weddings
Almond Valley Mallorca Weddings

Almond Valley has all the amenities for you to look breathtaking at your event! With a fully equipped spa, high-tech gym and swimming pool facilities, you can be fully relaxed for your special moment. 

Spa & Fitness

Almond Valley Mallorca Weddings

Almond Valley has stunning beauty rooms for you to get ready in. Any hairdresser or makeup artist, that you bring to get you ready will be more than happy with the facilities.

Hairdressing Facilities

Almond Valley Mallorca Weddings

Almond Valley is a beautiful blank canvas for you to decorate how you want. From decorating the gardens to the terraces, you can make your event feel even more magical. 

Design your Canvas 

Almond Valley Mallorca Weddings

Extra Special Touches

Crafting Moments, Creating Memories: Your Unforgettable Event Awaits

Almond Valley Mallorca Weddings
Almond Valley Mallorca Weddings

Almond Valley offers an idyllic setting for business or health retreats that inspire productivity, innovation, and team cohesion.


Our estate, nestled in the captivating Mallorcan landscape, provides the perfect backdrop for corporate gatherings that break free from the ordinary.


Whether it's a strategic planning session, team-building workshop, or executive conference, our spacious and flexible event spaces can be tailored to your specific needs.


With a tranquil environment, cutting-edge facilities, and a full-time team of professionals, we ensure that every detail is taken care of, allowing you to focus on your event.


At Almond Valley, we combine business with pleasure, providing opportunities for relaxation and bonding against the breathtaking scenery, as well as access to modern amenities like our fully-equipped gym and rejuvenating spa.


Your retreat at Almond Valley is more than just an event; it's a transformative experience that nurtures success and leaves a lasting impression.

Retreats at Almond Valley

Want to plan an event at Almond Valley? 

With event spaces starting from €5,000 for an area to full-week rentals, contact us today via the details below or fill in the form to find full rates and availability and start planning your dream event.  


Whatsapp / Phone: +34 696 152 502

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Almond Valley Mallorca Weddings
Almond Valley Mallorca Weddings
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Agents & Concierge 

If you are a luxury holiday agent, wedding planner, location scout or concierge and would like to partner with Almond Valley please get in contact today! 

Almond Valley Mallorca Weddings
Almond Valley Mallorca Weddings
Almond Valley Mallorca Weddings
Almond Valley Mallorca Weddings
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