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Farm & Produce


Almond Valley Mallorca farm

At Almond Valley, our farm is the heart of our culinary journey.


We take pride in cultivating our own fresh produce, including a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits. Our chickens provide us with fresh eggs and other animals with with organic meat. 


We are proud that our vegetable patches, flocks of sheep, donkeys, goats, and ponies create a harmonious pastoral scene.


It's a place where sustainability and self-sufficiency meet. From the pastures to the orchards, our dedication to farm-to-table ensures that every meal at Almond Valley is a symphony of flavors born mainly from our very own fields.

Farm-to-Table Abundance

Almond Valley Mallorca farm

At Almond Valley you and your family can experience everything from our farm, local hikes, exploring the garden and spa, to truly take time to relax and enjoy what Mallorca has to offer.

Escape in nature

Almond Valley Mallorca farm

Nestled within our estate, our vineyard is a tribute to the time-honoured traditions of Mallorcan winemaking.


The lush vine rows bask in the Mediterranean sun, producing grapes that are carefully nurtured to create our very own estate wines. We celebrate the art of winemaking with tastings that allow you to savour the essence of Almond Valley.

At Almond Valley, we believe in the power of connecting with nature and the land. Our farm and vineyard are not just sources of sustenance and celebration, they're living examples of our commitment to sustainable living and an integral part of the experience we offer to our guests.

Vineyard Elegance

Nurturing Nature, Cultivating Flavor: Almond Valley's Farm-to-Table Journey

Almond Valley Mallorca farm

Amidst our lush gardens, Almond Valley boasts a beautiful grove of hundreds of almond trees. These majestic trees produce an abundance of almonds, and we use them in various culinary creations, from delectable almond-based desserts to wholesome almonds. The sight of the almond blossoms in bloom is a visual masterpiece, and their harvest season is an integral part of our farm's story.

Almond Groves

Almond Valley Mallorca farm

Our farm is a haven for animals, including chickens, sheep, donkeys, goats, and ponies.


They are not just inhabitants of our estate; they are integral to our sustainable farming practices.


Our animals roam freely in their areas, contributing to the natural balance and the charm of Almond Valley. Their presence offers a unique opportunity for our guests to interact with and learn about the joys of rural life.

Our farm animals are a cherished part of our family, and they play a vital role in our mission to create a harmonious and authentic Mallorcan experience.

Animal Haven:

Almond Valley Mallorca farm
Almond Valley Mallorca farm
Almond Valley Mallorca farm

Our beekeeping operation is a testament to the vibrant biodiversity that Almond Valley embraces.


The bees play a vital role in pollination and, in return, produce the purest, golden honey.


The bees' tireless efforts yield a liquid treasure that is a taste of Mallorcan sunshine and the aromatic flora of our estate.


Tasting a drizzle of Almond Valley honey is not just a culinary experience; it's a direct connection to the land and a celebration of the sweet rewards of nature's hard work.

You can also purchase Almond Valley honey at certain cafés and shops around Mallorca! 

Sweet Nectar of Nature

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