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Plan your Event with Our Almond Valley Event Planners

Whether your event is a dream wedding or a fun-filled corporate event, our in-house event planners have you covered to make your planning journey as smooth as possible. 

Our planners know the venue like the back of their hand making logistics super smooth and your wishes come true with ease! They can also help recommend ideas to make your day even more special and unique.

We are pleased to offer clients a tailored planning approach at Almond Valley. We believe in personal relationships and understand the importance of having an adaptive planning team to cater to your event at Almond Valley. 

We can´t wait to WOW you and your guests!

Ease into planning your dream event

What sort of event are you looking to plan?
Are you interested in our Event Planning services?

Are you interested in having your event with us?

We would love to host your event! Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch within 48 hours. 

Almond Valley Mallorca
Almond Valley Mallorca

Why choose a AV Event Planner?

Undecided if you would like the extra help or not, here are some reasons why using our in-house event planning service will be the best decision for your event:

  • Venue expertise

  • Supplier expertise and connections

  • Logistical genius for on-the-day planning and set-up

  • Feet on the ground throughout the planning journey

  • Ideas for special touches that are unique to you and Almond Valley

  • Save you time and money by limiting mistakes

  • Helps keep planning on track and effective 

  • Limits your stress while planning as you know you always have someone to organise your ideas for you

  • Stress-free event day as you know everything is taken care of 

  • You are able to actually enjoy your event day!

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