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Almond Valley News

Almond Valley is open for Wedding bookings in 2024 and 2025!

Calendar is open! Planning your perfect event at Almond Valley is an experience like no other.

With the backdrop of the stunning Serra de Tramuntana mountains and the sprawling beauty of our 100-hectare estate, your event at Almond Valley will be a masterpiece of natural elegance.

Our experienced team will be able to work with you or your event planner to tailor every detail to your desires, from selecting the ideal event space to crafting a personalized menu with a selection of private chefs.

We offer a range of options to ensure your celebration is uniquely yours, whether it's an intimate gathering by the lake, a grand affair in our exquisite gardens, or a cosy indoor event by the fireplace. Trust in our expertise, and let Almond Valley be the canvas for the event of your dreams.

At Almond Valley, we try to be as flexible as we can with your special day - as long as it is legal & does not cause harm we will pretty much say yes!

We also try to be as flexible as we can with time frames and budget which is why we allow Almond Valley to be reserved for the day for your wedding or for the full week.

Many opt for the ideal three night wedding, hosting pre and post parties for their friends and family with their close ones staying at the property.

Almond Valley has all the amenities for you to look breathtaking on your day!

With a fully equipped spa, high-tech gym, swimming pools and hairdressing facilities, you can be fully relaxed and glammed up for your special moment. Any hairdresser, makeup artist, masseuse etc that you bring in to get you ready will be more than happy with the facilities.

Further to this, with the estate being so large, it is perfect for keeping the bride and groom separate before they are reunited at the altar!

We highly encourage all wedding planners or couples to come and view Almond Valley in person before reserving so you can see all of its wonderful possibilities in person.

With some dates already secured in 2024 and even 2025, we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible for your dream wedding at Almond Valley.

For further questions please email with your prefered dates, wedding ideas and guest numbersRich content test.

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